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Economic Development

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Economic Development
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Phone: 705-858-0610 ext. 229

Director: Samantha Corbiere

What is Economic Development?

Economic development is about members working together to build a healthy community, sustainable future, and desirable environment for all. This is accomplished by building on existing strengths, increasing human and infrastructural capacity, supporting business development and growth, and encouraging investment and partnerships to help create and retain desirable jobs and sustainable revenue sources within the community. Economic development is about helping to improve the quality of life of all residents.


Wahnapitae First Nation is focused on creating wealth generation, both for individuals and the Nation through tourism and other business development, land leasing, employment creation, and increased professional capacity. Wahnapitae’s economic development initiatives are innovative, future focused, and for the benefit of the broader community.


  • Develop a robust, diversified, and prosperous local economy that enables Wahnapitae to operate as a self-sufficient community.
  • Create economic development that benefits the community. Wahnapitae will support member entrepreneurship but is focused on enhancing community revenues.
  • Provide opportunities for off-reserve community members to move back on-reserve by providing needed employment and community infrastructure.
  • Invest in necessary infrastructure and facilities to enhance Wahnapitae’s economic output and improve quality of life of community members.
  • Recoup costs associated with providing and maintaining infrastructure and services required by economic development activities on Wahnapitae lands.
  • Continue to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with industry and business proponents that align with Wahnapitae’s broader economic and community objectives.
  • Approach economic development through a due-diligence approach that sees all necessary planning completed properly prior to investment from Wahnapitae.
  • Focus on building a tourism economy that leverages Wahnapitae’s culture, knowledge of the land and surrounding natural assets.
  • 705-858-0610
  • Mon: 8am to 4:30pm
    Tue - Thurs: 8am to 5:30pm
    Closed Friday and Statuatory holidays